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Monday, October 10, 2011

AE :: A catgirl is fine, too.

Here is a thread at BlenderArtists where I post information on my game.

After over two months, the Kawaii characters are almost finished. The different clothing testures still need to be created, but I have base templates for most of them (just add color). Since blender 2.60 should have path finding with navmeshes (Hey, Listen! I'm calling them navimeshes from now on) I will not have to work as much on AI (hopefully). The development of this game should speed up after the Kawaii are finished, but I still need to create a couple hundred kopii and texture them. I do want to make the characters as individual as I can, even though there are only seven fur designs and seven fur colors. Hopefully the addition of the hair does not slow the game down; it uses bone constraints to copy the rotation of an object on a hinge. Another thing I want to accomplish is making the clothing, like bloomers, baggy-looking.

((Challenger approaching!))

Friday, October 7, 2011

Adventures' Edge

I am the PlanetKiller Facade Zaitabai Gaikan,
Destroyer of worlds,
Crusher of evil,
Lover of the cute and furry.

I am the sole member of PlanetKillerGames, an I haven chosen Blender as the program I shall create my games with.

    My first game will be Adventures' Edge, a lighthearted adventuring game full of anthropomorphic creatures and animals with elemental powers. I know you have seen the adventure/monster battle type of game several times before, but not the PlanetKiller way. You choose the look of your character and then the rest is up to you. You can buy an adventure pack and start catching and training the creatures known as kopii and contend in tournaments.  Don't like that; then join a group and help them with their "goals", or defeat their leader and thwart their evil plans; for awhile. Maybe you would rather buy some land and settle down. In addition to their seven skills, each kopii has a superskill that corresponds with one of its elements that you can use in your endeavors.

    Be sure to eat well and get plenty of sleep, you will have to keep an eye on your stats or face the consequences. I would also advise against attacking villagers, you do not know how strong their kopii are; and other villagers may join in. Clothing is optional, but you may find something you want to wear. As you explore you can use your experience to increase your levels, or the levels of your kopii. Since each stat has its own level it is easy to create any archetype.

Just don't die.