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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back 2 teh mintz

I tried windows 8 out for awhile, since I had it on a harddrive. It crashed twice in an hour and I went back to mint, linux mint. Simplexio, the audaspace music generator has run into some problems. The notes never sound cohesive, and it lags when making music, but maybe I can create short riffs and play them.

The rain system in Sativa was giving me some problems, at first I tried adding drops and killing them when they hit something, but lag allowed them to go through the ground and cause more lag. Then I just made them appear where I wanted them to and gave them a short life, but that took up too much logic. Adding and removing objects takes logic, thus if the objects are already there I can just move them around really fast and make it look like motion. This is great for rain, and also small particle systems, if you know where you are placing the particles. The way my rain system works, there is a cube parented to a mesh. As the cube randomly chooses a vertex from it's parent it uses a ray sensor to place a splash and then places a drop above it. I can get away with 20-40 splashes and half as many drops, but the system will have to follow the player. Just get the player from the scene's object list :bge.logic.getCurrentScene.objects["player"]: and change the x and y of the rain system's location to the player's.

The rain system has been modified to allow me to add objects on another object's vertices; I might also write a script to allow me to get the objects with a specific word in their names and place objects on their vertices, eliminating the need for object spawners or creating a mesh wit just vertices to spawn enemies.

To help me name the splash and drop objects I also wrote a script that renames selected objects and their meshes. Look the file over and learn from it.

Here is the file.

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