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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

AE :: multitexture shuffle

Upon waking up my bare feet hit the 35 degree floor. After quickly using the bathroom and washing my hands (with hot water), I go back to a warm bed. A few minutes later I have enough warmth to finally get up. I feed my cat and turn on my PC. Last night I had tried opening my game in the blenderplayer to discover that most of the object will not show up. After adding a clock to the game I record a gameplay vid and re-encode it to flv. I also try to recreate my problem without success. Going outside, I find a sunny spot to warm up. The sky becomes cloudy; check the weather to find five cold days with plenty of clouds. Fopping dopplars. The vid is borked, so I record another one and start it encoding. My mom has a cold and I AM cold, so I do the dishes for her. The hot water warms me, but I have to sign for a neighbor's package. After doing most of the dishes, my stepdad gets up to make his breakfast and lights the gas heater in the living room. I don't like to light the heat for myself, but I will soak it up. Neighbor comes by for his mail; since he is going to town I ride with him to  use the internet at a local coffee shop.I get a cheeseburger in town; my first meal of the day. I awoke at 7:30, after being up past midnight, and it is now noon. After getting to the coffee shop, I get a coffee and connect to the internet to upload all of my updates. I'll probably be awake until two in the morning, being awesome.