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Friday, April 13, 2012


I have a track for my game titled child. Hopefully the link works so you can listen to the song. The save file has been rewritten to be more compact and easier to work with. There are several support scripts written to handle major functions. While the town map is unfinished, it does load a house and the player family. House roofs have been redone and I will start working on the other buildings soon. The player controls are easier to do with the support scripts and the character load script is smaller and faster. Once I have enough to make a good video I'll post a project on moddb.

Monday, April 2, 2012

aMule by any other name.

The program aMule was taking quite a few resources from my pc, so I shut it down. I was sick for the first part of last week, and in north Mississippi during the second half, so I did not get much done on my game. Currently linux won't allow my scripts to run properly. My scripts use pickled support files that hold commonly needed data, but python always looks for the files in the root directory. Creating the files in the root directory requires root permissions; thus preventing the save file from being created for the player. I truly enjoy linux, but I find reasons to dislike it as well.