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Thursday, July 19, 2012

AE :: Beta-Test 1

Really Mr. Internets; I can upload? Thank yous, Mistah Internets. That was sarcasm; from my brand-new subpar laptop to the subpar public internet access, posting becomes a challenge. Blogger is quite useful, connecting to youtube, but ModDb tends to be slow uploading or linking files. I have been updating my ModDb profile, so I have ignored Blogger. The game is now in the beta-prep stages before release. I am hoping for an August release, but I am not setting anything in stone yet. NPC AI still has to be implemented, but the kopii AI looks good. There are still over 100 kopii to add and almost 200 attacks, but once the setup is done it should go quickly and smoothly. The dungeons are looking like the hardest thing, mostly the puzzles.

No one has the right to be offended by the first two sentences, you either live in America, or you cannot take legal action.