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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Phlem Phlan

For the past week I have been sick. The cough still won't go away. Since my last post, I was so annoyed at Adventures' Edge's intermittent crashing that I started a different project. The project is called "Residue". I originally made it so my cousin and I had something to play when we where bored with HALO. Because I was still new wit blender, Residue sucked; thus it was shelved. It has been unshelved as a short fps. You will be able to choose the duration of the game, the level, and your gender; then shoot enemies until the game ends or you die. Since working on Residue, I have discovered that the navimesh causes intermittent crashing when it is on the active layer. Once Residue is done, I'll finish up AE.

Have a death-slime.

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