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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Minty freshness

Windon't$ was "annoying me to a vulgar breakdown"; so I tried linux mint via a microSD. The speed is intoxicating. I will soon be using Mint 14 with the mate desktop. All games will now be cross-platform between windon't$ and Linux-awesomesauce. Now, let's try this again; once more, with feeling.


  1. Oh, neat, I'm planning on building a computer but don't have the money for Windows, even an ancient version, ubuntu seems too slow to me, maybe I'll try mint.

    And I thought Windows games didn't work well with Linux.

  2. Ubuntu is mostly slow because of the Unity desktop. Try several linux flavours to find one you like. Windows programs can be run through WINE, but newer games might not work. Since Blender is multiplatform, I can make my games Linux-compatible.